Uprising Innovation


TheraPanacea develops a unique TPS software platform solution for Adaptive Radiation Therapy.

Our solution uses the latest technological advances in the field of machine learning, optimization, numerical modeling and simulation and medical physics. It is the outcome of massive innovative academic research investment (10mEU) during the past decade.

It takes the form of a modular and cost-effective treatment planning system, which optimally combines patient’s current anatomy, accelerator’s parameters, and radiation therapist’s prescriptions to derive on the fly the optimal dosimetry.

State of the art research :


  • High performance computing
  • Machine learning and optimization
  • Numerical modeling and simulation
  • Biomedical image analysis
  • Artificial intelligence

For the first time, our TPS determines directly the optimal dose delivery plan and continuously update it with explicit modeling of patient’s anatomical changes. This ensures that tumors are irradiated as planned, critical organs receive the tolerated dose, no additional radiation sessions are required while extended tumor irradiation margins that are used to account for positioning errors/anatomical errors vanish.

The treatment chain



Automatic Annotation of tumors/adjacent anatomical structures



Optimal dose estimation model through precise simulation



Optimal patient's positioning with explicit modeling of anatomical changes



Dose Cumulative Estimation and Automatic Re-planning recommendations

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