Unlocking the full potential of radiation therapy with AI



TheraPanacea is an ICT-driven company specialized in exploiting the latest scientific advances in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence & high-performance computing and simulation towards digital, personalized, adaptive medicine that creates advanced software solutions for assisting and guiding cancer treatment in the context of radiation therapy.


TheraPanacea aims to commercialize the first precise and fully adaptive to the patient’s anatomy solution that can effectively unlock the full potentials of modern radiation therapy both in terms of therapeutic and economical efficacy, building a new Treatment Planning System concept for “Optimal” on “On-the-Fly” adaptive dosimetry.


TheraPanacea introduces new disruptive solutions to the market, and greatly extends the efficiency of radiation therapy with a minimal training and integration to the already existing technology. Our solution will not only become the reference TPS in radiation therapy, but it will become a new asset allowing its further clinical deployment/adoption as a reference therapeutic option and accessibility without additional investment on hardware infrastructure.





The first real-time solution that proposes an adaptive positioning accounting for the evolution of anatomy and provides an exact estimate on the dose delivered.


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The first effective data-driven solution for automatic, tumor and multiple-organ annotation that combines massive deep learning and computational anatomy.

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The first "quasi" real-time solution for on the fly treatment planning that eliminates positioning errors and adjusts radiation to the patient's anatomy.


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The first treatment planning solution that introduces fast, efficient, and exact Monte-Carlo simulation directly in the dose optimization.


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