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TheraPanacea exploits the latest scientific advances in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence & high-performance computing and simulation towards digital, personalized, adaptive medicine that creates advanced software solutions for assisting and guiding cancer treatment in the context of radiation therapy.

The “Thera-” software technology/suite of radiation therapy (e.g. treatment planning system (TPS)) is the first effective solution for direct dose estimation at planning, dose cumulative estimation and explicit dose adjustment at treatment. Our solution involves a full-scale treatment planning system that comprises of the following components:


Data-driven solution for automatic, tumor and multiple-organ annotation that combines massive deep learning and computational anatomy.


Treatment planning solution that introduces fast, efficient, and exact Monte-Carlo simulation directly in the dose optimization.


Real-time solution that proposes an adaptive positioning accounting for the evolution of anatomy and provides an exact estimate on the dose delivered.


The “quasi” real-time solution for on the fly treatment planning that eliminates positioning errors and adjusts radiation to the patient’s anatomy.


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Founders .

Out team consists of a highly qualified/international team composed by  members of the technical staff with PhD/MSc in scientific computing/artificial intelligence, engineers with expertise in machine learning, biomedical image analysis and medical physics, software developers with expertise in web applications, egonomists and regulatory experts.

Research Advisors .


Use your talents and skills to serve an high impact societal project against cancer! Join us and be part of an exciting and useful adventure in an international environment in the center of Paris.

We are currently hiring : marketing and communication officer, front-end developer, business development managers and more…

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